Petitions to Annual Conference

PetitionsPetitions to the 2016 Western North Carolina Annual Conference are due by April 1, 2016.  Please submit petitions in the format found in 2015 petitions at this link: (#20-23).

Petitions should be submitted to Rev. Kim Ingram, Conference Secretary, at as a Word document. The Conference Rules indicate the following concerning petitions submitted to the conference:

Rule 8: Petitions may be made to the conference by conference entities; the cabinet; lay and clergy members of the conference; councils, boards, and committees of the districts of the conference; and councils, boards, committees, and professing members of local churches of the conference. Each petition must be submitted to the conference secretary, in writing, preferably by electronic means, by a date determined and announced by the conference secretary prior to the convening of the conference; must be signed by the maker(s) thereof (understood to mean the chairperson and secretary in the case of a petitioning group); and must contain information sufficient to validate the source (church or charge name, district, address, e-mail address, etc.). Any petition containing personal references or dealing in personalities may be returned to the originator(s) with an explanation. The conference secretary shall assign a number and give a subject title to each petition prior to its publication.

Petitions will be published in the Program and Reports book posted online in mid-May and in the Supplement distributed at conference.  The person who submits the petition will be contacted about the anticipated session during which it will be discussed during Annual Conference so that they may be prepared to speak to it.  One does not have to be a lay or clergy member of annual conference in order to submit a petition. Please contact Kim Ingram with questions.