2016 Annual Conference Schedule

Go Light Your World

Matthew 5:14-16

Schedule in PDF Form

June 15
7:00 Executive Session of Clergy Members
¶ 605.6 – “The actions of the clergy session shall be for and on behalf of the annual conference”
June 16
10:30 Opening Worship, Service of Holy Communion
Rev. Dr. William McClain, the Mary Elizabeth McGeHee Joyce Professor of Preaching, Wesley Theological Seminary, preaching
Bishop Larry M. Goodpaster, liturgist
12:00 Lunch Recess
1:30 Conference Plenary – Business Session
    Opening Hymn and Prayer
    Call to Order
    Welcome from Lake Junaluska
    Procedural Matters, Elections for Conference, and Consent Calendar
    Plan of Organization and Rules
    Committee on Nominations Report
    The Children’s Home and Crossnore Report
    Conference Committee on Camp and Retreat Ministry Report
3:00 Break
3:30 Conference Plenary-Business Session
    Report from the 2016 General Conference
    Report on “Healthy Conversations” (from 2015 Annual Conference)
    Report on Schools Initiative and C4C (from 2015 Annual Conference)
    Mission Engagement Team Report
    Call and Vocation Team Report
    Introduction of Dr. Elaine A. Heath, Dean, Duke Divinity School
5:00 Dinner Recess
7:30 Evening Worship
Rev. Dr. Bryan Collier, Pastor, The Orchard, A United Methodist Congregation in Tupelo, MS, preaching
June 17
7:15 A Service of Prayer and Praise
8:30 Worship Service: Commissioning of Provisional Members
   Rev. Dr. William McClain, preaching
10:00 Annual Meeting of the Membership of the UM Foundation of WNC
10:20 Conference Plenary-Business Session
    Conference Board of Pensions and Health Benefits Report
    Conference Board of Trustees Report
11:15 Break
11:30 Order of the Day: Recognition of Retiring Clergy
12:00 Lunch Recess
1:30 Conference Plenary-Business Session
    Strategic Vision and Plan, 2016-2020
       Conference Leadership Team
       “The Vitality Project”
    The Duke Endowment Report
    Conference Council on Finance and Administration Report
       2017 Conference Budget
3:15 Break
3:45 Conference Plenary-Business Session
    Resolutions and Petitions
    Committee on Episcopacy Report
5:15 Dinner Recess
7:30 Reception for Bishop and Mrs. Goodpaster
    Recognition of upcoming retirement from active ministry
June 18
7:15 A Service of Prayer and Praise
8:30 Order of Morning Prayer, including the 2016 Laity Address
9:00 Conference Plenary-Business Session
    Board of Laity Report
    Denman Awards
    Cabinet Resolutions
    Concluding Conference Business
10:45 Break
11:15 Worship Service – Celebration of Life
    Rev. Dr. M. Kenneth Lyon, Matthews UMC, preaching
12:30 Lunch Recess
7:30 Worship Service – Ordination of Deacons and Elders
Bishop Cynthia F. Harvey, Resident Bishop, Louisiana Conference, preaching
Bishop Larry M. Goodpaster, liturgist
June 19
9:00 Adult Sunday School in Memorial Chapel, Rev. Robert V. Dodd, teaching
10:00 Closing Worship Service
    Bishop Larry M. Goodpaster, preaching
    Special Music by the Junaluska Singers, Dr. Melody Galloway, Director
    Fixing of the Appointments and Sending Forth
    Adjournment of the 2016 Annual Conference, sine die